'a ship across time'

Years ago, long before I had children or was even married, a friend with children said, “The thing about having kids is that after a while you forget what it was like before you had them.” The idea was shocking. Busy enough with my own life, I couldn’t envisage a future self whose comings and goings were circumscribed, apparently happily, by the wants and needs of people half my size. But that’s what happened. As I grew into the role of parent, I sometimes felt as if I were taking apart a ship and using the planks to build a ship for someone else. I was building a ship across time, out of my time.
Alan Burdick, 'The Secret Life of Time.' The New Yorker, December 19 & 26, 2017.

'minds - and winds'


A Pang is more conspicuous in Spring
In contrast with the things that sing
Not Birds entirely – but Minds –
And Winds – Minute Effulgencies
When what they sung for is undone
Who cares about a Blue Bird's Tune –
Why, Resurrection had to wait
Till they had moved a Stone –

Emily Dickinson, ca. 1881. Amherst College Archives & Special Collections, via The Morgan Library.

sunday tune: the tallest man on earth - love is all

One from the archives (originally posted 11/17/13). 

I was listening to real radio programmed by humans this week — thank you WRUW — and they played this song. 

'Like a house made from spider webs and the clouds rolling in...'